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"I was taught to work like a gentleman, take the time to do it right, clean it up, and be consistent. That's the way I still work today."––Tim Hagan

A native of Massachusetts' North Shore, Tim Hagan began learning his trade from his father, an engineer who was also a skilled carpenter. Tim became a carpenter at age 19 and worked for one firm until he went out on his own a decade later. His focus has always been on craftsmanship. His crew includes his brother, Bob (who also builds fine furniture), and experienced carpenters Rob and Stanley, along with carefully-chosen sub-contractors, as needed.

Tim is particular about who he works for and with. "We tend to work on two to three interesting, often challenging projects a year," he explains. "I keep my crew small because of the quality of their work and the extent of their skills, which goes far beyond finish carpentry; and I only work with experienced, reliable sub-contractors. They—and my crew—understand I'm a perfectionist; so they do it right the first time."

Tim's calm demeanor and ability to bring a client's vision to life is appreciated by the owners and architects he works with. "I usually communicate with the owners daily throughout the project. I value what the owners and their architect—if they choose to use one—bring to the table."

If you would like to learn more about T.T. Hagan, contact Tim Hagan at 978.375.4403 or email him

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