Ipswich Barn & Generator Shed

While some would want a "statement home," the owners of this property wanted the barn and shed to blend into the surroundings, and not give away their true functions. 

From the road, the look of the barn is traditional, but step to the side and you begin to understand that this isn't any ordinary barn. Downstairs is a shop for restoring cars, complete with handmade work benches, tile floors and custom doors that break the area in half. Upstairs is living space that includes a living room with stone fireplace, sitting area, an office with 35 feet of counters to accommodate six computers, and a custom bedroom and bath. A deck on the back provides privacy and a link to the outdoors.

The 28 x 20 ft. shed fits neatly into the landscape. The generators inside power the barn and house, which is set so it isn't visible from the road.

An unusual project, but in the words of Tim Hagan, "The more unusual, the more I want to do it."


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