1750 Ipswich Historic Resotration

Built in 1750, this well-known Ipswich landmark had been a two-family and had housed a pre-school. Tim Hagan undertook an historic restoration of the property, turning it into a single-family showpiece.

Tim and his crew gutted the interior and built two additions on the rear of the house, bringing it to a total of 5,500 sq. ft. Because of its location, the restoration had to be approved by the Ipswich Historical Commission. Tim provided all the necessary documentation, including drawings with proposed colors.

Restorations can't be rushed. This home took nearly a year to complete, while the crew likely could have built a new house of the same design in half that time. Everything in a home this old is a different size or shape, so today's dimensional lumber can't be used; and the type of details that are true to the period have to be handcrafted.

As Tim said to the owners many times, "Show me what you want and you'll get it." 

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