Gloucester Renovation/Restoration

There are few things as satisfying as reclaiming a 125-year-old home that was neglected for 75 years, and turning it back into a place where the whole family gathers to celebrate holidays.

As the photos show, the two-family home had been long neglected by the elderly member of the family who lived there. When the current owners, two professors who work in New York, inherited the property, parts of property had caved in. For several years, it was unoccupied while the owners considered what to do. They even had thoughts of tearing it down, but ultimately decided to turn in into a single family home that could be rented in summer and used by the family during the rest of the year.

When Tim Hagan's crew took off the vines, siding and windows, they found that the building and its granite foundation were actually in great shape. They stripped the entire exterior; replaced all the windows, exterior siding and trim; rebuilt the screened porch and chimney; and built an addition for the new kitchen. They took the 3,500 sq. ft. interior down to the studs, then created an interior in keeping with the original style of the home, but with modern finishes.

T.T. Hagan finished the home in time for the holidays; and were gratified when the whole family gathered for Thanksgiving in the long-time family home.


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